Pursuing for Emeralds in Afghanistan? Comprehensive Guideline from Panjshir Miner

The beleaguered nation of Afghanistan is very well recognized for its sustaining dispute and political and social unrest. However this puzzling country has a different, more vibrant side to it. Alongside some extraordinary mountain scenery, flourishing valleys and ancient history, Afghanistan keeps a gold mine of gemstones. When it pertains to buying these stones it is significantly a case of buyer be careful in a region where accreditation and certificates of origin are almost unheard of and it is important to keep in mind that even gemological experts get their fingers burnt when it pertains to sourcing gems from such volatile parts of the world.

Here is the complete guide to Afghan Emerald

The emerald mines of Afghanistan stand around 70 miles (113 km) northeast of Kabul and stretch from the village of Khenj to Dest-e-Rewat. The well-known elevations of the emerald deposits range from 7,000-14,300 feet (2,135-4,270 meters) amidst highland terrain on the eastern side of the Panjshir River. The quoted area of emerald deposits is approximately 150 sq. miles (400 km2). A survey of emerald deposits and mines was managed by this author in 2009 alongside geologically-trained staff member Derrold W. Holcomb and Dr. Lawrence W. Snee. The major intention of the ground survey was to give data and the approval of the emerald miners to be certified
by the government. The miners permitted the using of GPS readings at their mine sites and permitted of having legal government licenses provided.

Panjshir Emerald also referred to as Afghanistan Emerald is just one of optimum emeralds that is found in the Panjshir valley of Afghanistan which is referred to as the valley of the Five Lions. Our firm offer cherry-picked investment grade emeralds from the world’s best-loved mine based in Panjshir.


The ‘sultan’ of the colored gem, emeralds are exquisite gems from the beryl family and a significant number originate in Afghanistan. They get the top prices of all precious colored gems (emerald, ruby, sapphire) and they have a large and reputable worldwide market. Synthetic emeralds are commonplace and can only be determined from their all-natural counterparts by a highly skilled eye. Most bright greens are included in some way with fissures, which are typically managed with oil or resin when they get in touch with the surface of the stone.

The level and kind of oil applied to the stone can have a significant effect on the value. Due the elevated price of natural emeralds, linked with the array of techniques that exist to boost or synthesis them buyers should be meticulous with these gemstones and trust only in trusted suppliers and certification authorities. Nice instances of natural Afghan emeralds are 2nd only to the Colombian emerald in terms of quality, color and price and they are generally considered slightly superior to most African stones.