Logitech Meetup Meeting Cam for Meeting Rooms Meeting

Over the last few years Logitech’s company team has gradually built a profile of PC-based video conferencing endpoints covering a range of conference areas. These begin with the ₤ 249.99 BCC950, created for groups of approximately 4 people, peaking with GROUP, which solutions meeting rooms with up to 20 people as well as prices between ₤ 999 and ₤ 1,248. In the middle there’s the round Connect, a portable unit created for huddle spaces offering around 6 individuals that costs ₤ 449.99.

CAM540 tested Logitech’s MeetUp using Skype on Windows 10 and also macOS, and also Google Hangouts on Windows 10. In all examination circumstances, arrangement as well as operation were trouble-free. Picture top quality is great, the camera’s vast seeing angle actually helps to avoid the need for conference individuals to gather with each other to enter shot, and the full-duplex audio subsystem coped well with close to- and far-end individuals chatting concurrently.

You could not call MeetUp a ‘portable’ piece of package given that it needs keys power, however it’s definitely compact and light adequate to be easily transportable between conference spaces if your firm isn’t up for getting numerous ₤ 1,000 gadgets. Logitech’s Connect is an extra portable alternative as it’s smaller and lighter, as well as will deal with battery power– although it also has a lower-resolution video camera with a narrower field of vision.

We’ve all sustained meetings where time has been lost hooking laptop computers approximately recalcitrant video-conferencing equipment, which then stops working to deal with the on-board partnership software, or provides sub-standard audio-visual performance and/or does not have the needed versatility and control. Let’s see exactly how Logitech’s MeetUp tones up.

MeetUp basically appears like an extra-large web cam, with a main electronic camera flanked by ‘ears’ including microphones, a speaker and also various other elements. It measures 400mm broad by 104mm high by 85m deep, considers 1.04 kg and also is powered through an A/C adapter. It attaches to a COMPUTER or laptop computer through a lengthy (5m/16ft) USB-C to USB 2.0 cable. Likewise in package is a slim, 83mm-square RF remote control, a wall place kit and also a printed arrangement guide.

MeetUp can stand alone on its incorporated tiltable stand, or you can hang it on the supplied wall surface place. If you’re prepared to fork out another ₤ 89.99, there’s an optional mount that allows you to put on hold the conference camera from a TV or monitor.

Aver VC520 is a coaster-sized gadget powered by two CR2032 batteries that links to the MeetUp tool using Bluetooth. There’s a switch on the back of the camera device that puts it into combining setting on a long press: do the very same with the Bluetooth switch on the remote itself and also it’s done. The staying buttons on the remote are: microphone mute; telephone call answer; phone call end; volume up/down; zoom in/out; video camera pan/tilt; cam house; as well as two configurable pre-programmed buttons.

Logitech’s newest product is MeetUp, an option to Connect for little meeting rooms and huddle rooms, offering a more standard (but much less mobile) type aspect, a greater spec– as well as a greater ₤ 999 price. (All rates include UK VAT).

Satisfying spaces in the modern office array from specialist video conferencing centers and big conference rooms, through normal meeting rooms to so-called ‘huddle rooms’. The latter are informal areas– perhaps even a minimally segregated edge of an open-plan workplace– where unplanned conferences can be held. Analyst firm Wainhouse Research calls them “the watercooler for the next-generation worker.”