Do You Know The History of Grinding Machine?

Grinding is an ancient technology that has been known to man since ancient times. In the Paleolithic era, grinding stone tools used this technology. In the future, with the use of metal appliances, the development of grinding technology was promoted. However, designing a veritable grinding machine is still a modern thing. Even in the early 19th century, people still ground by rotating the natural grindstone and letting it contact the processing object.

1. The first surface grinder (1864) In 1864, the United States made the world’s first grinder. This was a device for mounting a grinding wheel on the slide tool holder of a lathe and making it automatic. Twelve years later, Brown in the United States invented a universal grinder close to modern grinders.

2. Artificial Grinding Stones- The birth of grinding wheels (1892) The demand for artificial grinding stones also rose. How to develop a grinding stone that is more wear-resistant than natural grinding stone? In 1892, American Acheson successfully produced silicon carbide made of coke and sand. This is an artificial grinding stone now called C abrasive. Success, in this way, the grinding machine has been more widely used.

In the future, due to the further improvement of the bearings and guide rails, the accuracy of the grinding machine is getting higher and higher, and it is developing in a professional direction.